Religion is outlawed.

Hundreds of years of bitter religious fighting has left the continent of Zane scarred and fractured. In an attempt to rebuild, the two remaining nation-states of Hyloneme and Chericlo have outlawed religion; a move adopted by many smaller states and regions as well. Temples lie in ruins, priests lie in mass graves, and holy symbols of all kinds have been melted down and used for scrap. Arcane power rules supreme in this post-religious age. Will the elimination of religion bring about peace or despair? Make your way as you see fit without the gods or fate to guide you.

Zane, as a setting, is purposely not completely fleshed out; players are explicitly encouraged to contribute to worldbuilding as the game progresses.

This game will be run via Google Wave , Skype and MapTools virtual tabletop using DeviantNull’s 4E Framework on the latter for combat encounters. The campaign will consist of six to eight 4-6 hour sessions per story arc.