Zane: Age of Enlightenment

13Age(2) -- Urannia Nights

  • Overland travel to Urannia
  • Meet up with Valwynn
    • Tells a story: Priests of Ioun had a temple with a crystal record of all events in the world.
    • Could be used to track growth of religion
    • Significant booby trap

Info gathering

  • Bondage research assistant
    • Trip into ziggrurat ‘was boring’
    • It tests your research skills, 2 or 3 rooms in
    • “An entire day of finals”
    • Walk into a room, pictures of deities, ‘put together next step of deity’s history’, pool to look into things
    • Has some randomization on it.

Reese Flash memory – touches Sehanie symbol, memory of ambushing a camp at moonlight, laying waste to the unarmed.



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