Zane: Age of Enlightenment

Session 6b - Digging Up the Past

The covert ops group of Umalli, Blaine, Thud, Grafton and Darnis confers briefly to determine what their next target should be. The supply depot? The training grounds? The financial backing? Ultimately, it is decided that the first strike should be against the Redoran supply depot and so the party leaves quickly.

As the party approaches the depot’s location, they are met by a surprising sight – a village of dwarves surrounds the front area of the depot. The dwarves pile out of their various homes and workplaces and schools and such to have a public feast in the north end of the village, abutting the depot. Several of the guards come out of the depot to enjoy the meal and share stories of their travels and adventures. Even wearing their VEx identification, the party is welcomed to sit down and enjoy the bountiful food.

Everyone enjoys the meal fully, but Umalli seems to take his enjoyment to new levels. He hungrily devours large quantities of meat, soup, bread, root vegetables and whatever else one of the friendly dwarves will hand him. Some of the rest of the group fear poison or foul play, but when Umalli isn’t negatively affected by his gluttony whatsoever, tensions ease. Arlen, the mayor/elder of the dwarven town – called Respite – suggests the party is weary of their travels and should stay for the evening in Dwarina’s inn/tavern. Wanting to scope out the area in preparation for their raid, the group does so willingly.

Late at night, the party is awoken by the sounds of talking and digging. The entire dwarven village is out in one of the fields digging shallow holes. Thud, Umalli, and Darnis go to investigate the digging while Blaine and Grafton use this opportunity to stake out the supply depot and its guard rotation. This latter scouting party doesn’t get much useful information except that the place smells of rotten meat or fruit to Grafton while he is in his wolfish form.

The rest of the PCs proceed into the field and offer to help with the digging. They are kindly told to go back to their rooms, but Umalli recognizes something in Dwarina’s voice and pushes the issue. Dwarina relents and hands them shovels, directing them to dig in certain spots. The reasons the party is given for this strange digging are flimsy and strange; when Umalli calls the dwarves out on their bluff, a fight breaks out – but oddly enough not before the dwarves apologize for what’s about to happen.

The ground gives way beneath the group, dropping Thud into a 10’ pit. This gives the dwarves – three individuals in melee, two crossbowmen and a generic angry mob – ample opportunity to attacks the squishier Darnis and Umalli. Thud quickly climbs out of the pit, though and begins holding off the more heavily armored dwarves while Umalli unleashes the elements in torrents to drive the mob away. Darnis gets in a couple good shots here and there, improving the magic in his allies’ weapons, but spends much of his time administering healing to the other two party members while he himself deftly avoids attack after attack. Things begin to look grim but Grafton and Blaine arrive just in time to double-team the crossbowmen in the backfield. The most bizarre thing occurs, though, when the PCs begin to notice that any “dead” dwarf drops to the ground in nearly pristine condition as if sleeping, with no scars, burns or injuries. Having narrowly escaped death, the party buries the comatose dwarves in the pit Thud fell into and then leave, camping outside of town.

The next morning, the party returns to Respite and it’s as if the events of last night never happened. Once again, the town is out in full force eating with the guards of the depot. The group approaches Dwarina who, fully cognizant of the previous night’s events, invites them into her inn once more, serves them breakfast and prepares to explain Gaelen’s Timeless Curse.

Treasure: none



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