Zane: Age of Enlightenment

Session 7a - Yellow Scarves and Red Blood

The diplomatic party of Dash, Shamgar, Tullie and Billywig moves on from the cave of heretic Shifters to House Dres. They are met at the door by a stiff, spiteful porter who does his best to turn the party away but is dismissed by the leader of House Dres, Alauniira. Alauniira invites the group to share a meal and discuss the situation at hand with Redoran and the upcoming strike against them. Billywig and Tullie do their best to extend diplomatic relations with Dres despite Shamgar’s seeming idiocy and fascination with women’s clothing. Alauniira excuses herself for a few moments to attend to some official business, leaving the group to contend with her five advisors. The party spends the time buttering up the advisors, displaying various talents in history, arcana and arm wrestling, among others. When Alauniira returns, she gets the signal from her cohorts and agrees to the alliance, but on a condition. It seems Dres is a bit shorthanded for help these days and so can not contribute manpower to the cause. If the party can bring twelve new recruits to the House, though, they will be happy to train them and loan them back to House Indoril and the Varunal Expeditionaries.

The party agrees and begins their search for fresh meat. They are soon sidetracked, however, by a cry for help. Several thug-types wearing yellow bandanas, scarves and kerchiefs have surrounded an older gentleman and are attempting to get money from him – perhaps by blackmail, extortion or force, it isn’t exactly clear. The PCs step in without hesitation and a long battle ensues – and by long, something like 17 rounds. The combat starts out well enough with Tullie pulling minions off a platform to their doom with her Executioner’s Noose and Billywig hurling lightning bolts with impunity. Shamgar and Dash engage the ground troops in melee but are stymied by their phalanx-like defenses and ranged support.

Frustrated, Dash takes off to the south to eliminate the pestering crossbowmen and does so Pulp Fiction-style. This unfortunately leaves Shamgar to hold the front line of the fight and is unable to do so himself. The flail-wielding thugs begin to encroach on Tullie and Billywig. Tullie manages to stay mobile enough to dodge many of the gang’s attacks and Shamgar continually pits himself between the gang and Tullie to protect her. Billywig, meanwhile, attempts to scramble to safety on top of one of the platforms that the gang’s minions occupied early. This turns out to be a bad idea when one of the thugs knocks him off the 30’ platform for significant damage. The party calls for Dash to help and Dash begins to come back but stops at the older gentleman and demands a healing potion. When he claims to have none, Dash kills him and searches his belongings. True to his word, he does not have a healing potion.

Dash’s delay in returning to the party is nearly catastrophic. One of the thugs traps Shamgar in a corner and beats him to literally within an inch of his life. (One more failed death save or 5 damage would have sealed it) Another successfully splits Billywig from the group; only through dumb luck and an outstanding use of the Second Chance racial power does Billywig survive. Eventually, Dash returns and helps Tullie finish off the remaining thugs. Tired and daunted, but utterly furious, the group returns the man’s body to his family and then trudges home to the VEx HQ to regroup.

While they rest, Dash spends some time at one of the city’s seedier locations – a house of loose money and even looser women. His knack for games of chance draw the attention of a Yellow Scarf crime boss. Dash is offered, amidst good drink and strong hallucinogens, an interview with the syndicate. He accepts and relays this information to the group back at HQ. They (confusedly) form a plan by which Dash will go to the interview and find a way to cause a distraction of sorts so that the rest of the PCs can break in and, together, clear out the gang’s holdings in this location. Dash enters the old factory by the back door – Tullie follows discretely in a ventilation shaft. The interview goes well but Dash just can’t leave well enough alone and attacks his new benefactor, a large Goliath named Vilhelm. Wrestling, table throwing and punches ensue, ending up with Dash being tossed out the door into the main area with Vilhelm in pursuit. All appears lost for Dash when suddenly Tullie teleports down to Dash, grabs him and teleports them both back into the ventilation shaft.

The entire party then enters via the ventilation shaft, crawling in it high over the main floor. Tullie drops her Noose onto one of the workers, aided by Shamgar and when she can’t quite strangle her victim, is forced to set her noose on fire to finish the job. This all occurs fairly discretely, allowing the party to drop down into the factory floor and pick up a surprise round.

Leaping from crate stack to crate stack, the PCs clearly have the advantage. Tullie gets into a duel of sorts with another Assassin, but leads him into a hammer-and-anvil trap where he is annhilated under the combined force of Dash and Shamgar. Billywig’s lightning pays off once more as he toasts gang members across the room and flies Shamgar into a key position to hold off the melee attackers. Dash again demonstrates his melee superiority against other dual-wielding thugs, nearly dropping one with each attack. Almost as soon as it starts, it’s over and the party has control of the old factory.

850 gp in coins
200 Fame and 200 Karma for clearing out the gang’s base
Battle Harness +1 (x2)
Spiked Jacket +1



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