Zane: Age of Enlightenment

Session 8a - Gangsta At-Will

There is a fan, and something hits it, even if it rolled a 3.

The group cleans up from their ‘clearing’ of the Yellow Scarf gang. Billywig and Shamgar decide to poke through some of the crates, finding mostly empty crates but also all manner of illicit goods ranging from loaded dice to illegal drugs.

The two get some sort of contact buzz from the burning of the drugs in the warehouse smelter, and the rest of the group decide to drag them back to the VEx base to recover. Shamgar works off the effects in the morning, but the halfling does not. Getting a list of recent VEx recruit attempts that failed for one reason or another from Captain Masaki, the group heads off, starting at the top of their list.

Raheil seems to be a young human bard in training, living in the basement of his mom’s house. He is overjoyed by the presence of the VEx recruiters, and jumps at the chance to prove himself again, but his mom is dead set against it. The crew negotiates with the mom to let Raheil join, and after the small concession of a new seat cushion for her chair, Raheil is grudgingly granted permission. Just as well, as Raheil mentions that he has some friends who were also looking for membership into a house, and that they’re located at an inn down the street.

This inn is also were the tiefling Keiver is working. A serious tiefling, Keiver also jumps at the second chance the VEx/Dres alliance offers him. Raheil brings over four more friends and the group hires another three at 5 gp apiece.

With nine down and needing three more to fill their quota, the group makes its way to the last man on the list, Stenndar. His home is empty, but peering into the window Tullie notices a yellow bandana folded up on the man’s bed. Knowing another fight is bound to be upcoming, the group makes its way to a house in the slum where the yellow scarfed hoodlums are known to congregate. Everyone makes simple work of the toughened thugs standing guard outside the small walled-off garden, but their leader holds off the assault long enough for a mass of initiates to reinforce the area.

What happens next moves all too fast for the PCs to really digest. The initiates can do little, being more than a minor hindrance then an actual threat. The toughened gang members are taken down brutally one by one. Once the last real member drops, the party offers sanctuary for 3 of the initiates, implying the others would meet the fate of the gang leaders. Three are chosen, (a water genasi with a moustache, a smelly gnome and an ugly half-elf) and the rest are told to run for their lives. The group gives chase evocative of a cross between “The Running Man” and the “Running of the Bulls.” The PCs begin slaughtering the initiates indiscriminately without exactly realizing that these initiates are not officially part of the gang, guilty only of maybe disorderly conduct. Everyone except Dash stops the chase, but Dash is more than capable of dispatching 20 young punks on his own. The scene ends with a grizzly quarter-mile of carnage down the streets of Varuna.

Word of the attack travels faster than the party. After reaching VEx, Captain Masaki instantly demands the resignation of all involved in the “Yellow Blood Massacre.”

End Arc 1

Treasure: none



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