Zane: Age of Enlightenment

Session 8b - A Place Called Vertigo

The PCs start the session with an initiative roll and with Umalli leaping into an empty crate for protection. Blaine puts a couple arrows into the dwarven taskmaster and then bails off of the crate stack he was standing on, disappearing from the view of most of the enemies. Grafton and Thud are also behind or on top of things at the moment, meaning that almost the entire enemy force’s attention turns to Darnis, who is the only one on the ground. No less than four foes converge on Darnis, though Thud manages to pull one away next turn. A “conga line of doom” soon forms with nearly everyone granting and receiving combat advantage from flanking somehow. Darnis must spend all his healing on himself save for one utility power that goes to Blaine after he fails at a fast getaway. Snipers on the crates attempt to keep their position strong by leaping across the mountains of storage, but end up falling on their faces most of the time. Grafton shows them how it’s done, clearing a 30’ horizontal leap in wolf form and put the “fur” of god in the ranged cowards. Thud also gets in on the leaping action, literally crushing one of them beneath his massive armor. Once the enemies are knocked out and _also _ shoved into crates, the group obtains some 80’ of chain and heads back to the mess hall.

Grafton and Blaine sneak up to the doors of the hall and chain them shut. Thud lights the building on fire with his Hunter’s Flint and some prepared kindling, creating an unusual situation. The fire is invisible from more than 10’ away and gives no smoke or sound. This means that the occupants inside won’t have any warning of their doom until it is far too late and, rather than going unconscious first from the smoke, will burn to death fully aware. The group is slightly disturbed by this, but becomes distracted stepping back and forth over the 10’ line, watching the fire appear and disappear, seeing the building burn or just mysteriously turn colors and fall apart. After a few minutes of macabre amusement, the party goes to the final location of the depot – the main receiving hall.

The receiving hall is oddly empty and opens into a large foyer with stairs going up each side into separate rooms. On the ground floor is a set of large double doors. The party decides to start with the second floor and work downward, heading up the stairs for the door on the left. Within, they find the quartermaster’s quarters. The room is modest but comfortable and the quartermaster clearly likes to write. On the desk are letters; some are to the quartermaster’s son who has decided to become a bard. He is clearly not happy about this decision and is writing furiously against the idea. The quartermaster also appears to be engaged in a play-by-mail strategy game with the captain of the 15th (not 17th) Chericlo cavalry. Thud and Darnis determine the worst possible next move, make it on the quartermaster’s behalf and place it in the outgoing post.

Next, the room on the right side of the second floor – the war room. A large table with a map of Sedna sits on it with well-crafted pewter pieces representing the various Redoran units. Guecumar and a couple other outposts are crossed out by hand with large red “X”s. Still, Redoran units are stationed near Hlalu and Telvani settlements. Thud scoops the pewter pieces into a bag. Nothing else seems of interest until Blaine notices a false panel in the corner. Upon opening it, there is a small passage leading.. somewhere. The passage inexplicably converts into (non-magically.. like it gives way to) a tunnel as the PCs crawl through it. At one point the PCs pass, they experience severe vertigo, but only for a moment. Thud’s Eye Loupe shows him that they are now underground though by all logic, they should be crawling thirty or so feet in the air over the camp! The tunnel opens up in the side of a bullet-shaped cavern where a spiky brown dragon sleeps curled up like a dog around a pool of water and a ring of earth. Grafton in beast form once again smells the scent of rotting meat and fruit; it appears to be emanating from this location! Darnis is able to piece together from secondhand knowledge and some environmental factors that this must be a henge and that the dragon may be drawing power from it. Unwilling to face the fearsome beast at the moment, the party crawls back through the passage into the war room.

At last the PCs enter the double doors at the bottom of the stairs and the inevitable fight breaks out between the party and those eating in the private dining area. Due to some excellent initiative rolls and incredible first-strike damage by Blaine, the fight ends quickly and without much difficulty on the part of the PCs. The commander of the squad threatens the group with the dragon beneath them, to which Thud replies “We’ve already killed it.” The foes do not believe until Grafton looses a Thorn Spray at which point some of the lackeys show doubt. Their doubt is fairly short-lived, though as they themselves are also fairly short lived. Two rounds later, the Varunal Expeditionaries have captured the Redoran supply depot!

End Arc 1

A bag full of pewter figures
Helm of Opportunity and Counterstrike Guards (from the floor manager dwarf)
50 gp in assorted coins
1200 Fame for taking the fort



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