Zane: Age of Enlightenment

Session 9a - The Kore of the Issue

The party plans their next move at a nearby inn – all except for Hoerig, that is, who attempts to join up with the group clearing out the Redoran supply depot. The remaining characters elaborate more on their histories and find that dragons seem to be an oddly prominent running theme among them. Shamgar is anxious to track down kEQir Qu’Qatl where Billywig decides his newly found free time might be best spent avenging his daughter on the broken-horned blue dragon, wherever it may be. Still, they have few leads and rest for the night.

Their rest is interrupted, though, as Mircolis bursts into Tullie’s room in the middle of the night, apparently being chased. Vilhelm leads a pair of living and pair of undead thugs to ‘convince’ Mircolis to throw his resources behind Vilhelm’s plans. Lacking any better option, Mircolis tries to even the field by enlisting the PCs and a fight ensues in the second floor of the inn. Vilhelm’s Yellow Scarf slingers are easily dispatched but the super-strong zombies give the party more a fight. One of them backs Mircolis into a corner of Tullie’s room and nearly crushes him to death, but is pulled off at the last moment by Tullie’s fade-and-go, stinging attacks. Meanwhile, Shamgar wrestles with another one, able to hold it at bay but not much beyond that until Billywig can get into position to provide cover fire. It eventually changes targets to crush the halfling, but Billywig is too small a target for the lumbering undead to deal with. Shamgar flanks the monstrosity and the two men zap the zombie into oblivion.

Vilhelm is obviously on the losing end of the deal, so he jumps out a window to make his escape. Shamgar leaves Billywig to help Tullie and Mircolis, following Vilhelm through town at night. Vilhelm nearly loses Shamgar down a back alley at one point. Shamgar acts quickly, though and retraces his steps to catch the goliath. He keeps Vilhelm pinned down until the rest of the party can arrive. After further abuse, Vilhelm admits to having spent some time in Haumea trying to build a nation-state for himself but ultimately failing. He knows kEQir, though, and the two seem to be trading information and perhaps resources back and forth. This is all Shamgar needs to put his goad through Vilhelm’s skull, ending the talks.

The PCs then proceed towards the village of Kore, hoping to find more information. Along the way, they are attacked by another set of undead, meaner and more intricately built than before. One of them has the face of a recruit in the Kore village militia that the party trained previously. These undead have some psychic or at least illusory abilities, repeatedly luring Shamgar into charging in and then delivering vicious counterattacks. Another one fools Tullie into attacking her teammates, but she does not hit. Once Mircolis drops the first one, the group can focus fire on the second undead, returning it to dust quickly.

When they arrive in Kore, things have changed significantly. The town is adorned with all manner of runic markings that Shamgar recognizes as being divine in origin. The wizard Bartleby finds the PCs again and explains the situation. The town came under siege soon after the group left, attacked by undead far beyond what the fledgling militia was capable of handling. The town had to relent to kEQir’s demands once more until a travelling half-orc minister by the name of Ohr Rugdumph came through and defeated some of the undead. He then inscribed runes on the buildings to ward off undead attack and left to find the source of the incursion. Many of the townsfolk are hesitant about him and his divine magic, though it has held up so far. Bartleby warns the PCs to tread softly as the town is not likely to be happy to see them.



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