Darnis Ranaldo

Tall with black hair, green eyes, large scar across left cheek


Artificer AC: 17 HP:34 Weapons: greatspear, dagger, and holy symbol Fort:16 Reflex:16 Will:13

At-will: Magic Weapon, Thundering Armor Encounter: Burning Weapons Daily: Life Tapping Darts


Darnis grew up in a small village outside of Sedna. Both his parents were master artificers that were integral Lieutenants in the last war. Life was somewhat back to normal until two weeks ago. Darnis awoke in the middle of the night to a loud crash. He ran into his parents room and both had been murdered in their sleep. Outraged he ran toward the sound of the crash. That’s when he saw a cloaked figure scrambling out the window. Darnis ran outside and was able to cut off his parents killer. Darnis fought like his mother and father had trained him to do. Letting the arcane energy flow from his hands into his weapon. Memories of his past raced through his mind knowing that things would never be the same. Even in the time of war he knew his parents would be there. But not anymore. Everything had changed because of this religious zealot, probably angered by his parents involvement in the war against the divine. A quick feint by the assassin left Darnis unguarded and the enemies blade slashed across his left cheek. Blood filled his mouth and blurred his vision. He shielded himself with an arcane aura that gave him time to recuperate from the strike. With renewed vigor and a perfectly executed strike, the miscreant fell prone. Darnis lifted up the assassin by the very necklace that represented the deity he served. Lifting his spear in the other hand, he reached back to make the killing blow. Then a flash of lightning in the sky momentarily distracted him and the assassin vanished into thin air leaving only the holy symbol in Darnis’s outstretched hand. Exhausted and exasperated, Darnis fell to his knees lifting the holy symbol into the air and made a vow. He would not only seek revenge on the attacker but vengeance against all who seek shelter behind the gods. Now armed with a tainted holy symbol that he will use to channel his arcane powers in an act of defiance to the gods, he sets off to avenge his parents death and god help the poor souls that stand in his way.

Darnis Ranaldo

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