Grafton Hubert

An older man dressed in an assortment of hides and furs and armed with a pointy stick. He appears human but his eyes are an odd red-brown hue and his movements seem unusual.

“Bloodhound” Grafton Hubert, level 4

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Born in the the mountainous and forested region on the border between Sedna and Quaor, “Bloodhound” Grafton Hubert was born human but is no longer technically one.

Raised as a trapper and furrier, Grafton is at home in the hills and woods. Several years ago, he was gravely wounded and stranded alone on the side of a mountain, waiting to die. Over three days, Grafton dragged himself overland trying to reach help. Only the wolves found him first.

Doing his best to fight off the pack of wolves, Grafton caught the attention of a primal spirit, the the Essence of the Pack. It was impressed by Grafton’s refusal to become prey. The spirit infused Grafton with a portion of its essence, making him no longer fully human and instead kin to lycanthropes.

Walking down from the mountain, Grafton found himself pushed to seek out other people – to find a pack. The part of him that is the spirit drives him to defend nature and seek-out the unnatural.

Grafton Hubert

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