Hoerig Eildaenda
Hoerig on iplay4e
Half-Elf Inspiring Warlord (Martial Leader)
Level 2, Good
XP: 1000
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic

Str 18 ( +4)
Con 13 ( +1)
Dex 10 ( +0)
Int 10 ( +0)
Wis 8 ( -1)
Cha 16 ( +3)

Hit Points
Max HP: 30
Bloodied: 15
Surge: 7
Surges/Day: 8

Defenses and Senses
AC: 18 Chainmail + Light Shield
Fort: 16
Ref: 12
Will: 15

Passive Perception: 10
Passive Insight: 12

Initiative: 3
Speed: 5
Vision: Low-light

Wolf Pack Tactics
Furious Smash

Guiding Strike
Guarding Attack
Inspired Belligerence
Second Wind
Inspiring Word

Bastion of Defense

Guys, I Think I Got It
Trigger: You activate a power on a non-consumable magic item (except for ritual scrolls, see below).
Effect: Roll a d6. If you roll a 5, the power takes effect the next time the conditions for the power are met.* On a 6, replace the power effect with “You or one ally gain resist 5 arcane until the end of your next turn (resist 10 at paragon, resist 20 at epic).”
Special: If the magic item is a ritual scroll, the DM gains 1 Fallout Token which must be used immediately on the effects of the ritual.

This Always Happens… (Daily): You touch a magic item (equipment, scroll, wondrous item, etc). Any effects it is currently sustaining end and its powers and properties will not function until the end of the encounter. (Encounter can mean a skill, challenge, combat or roleplaying scene)

Race and Class Features
Dual Heritage
Group Diplomacy
Allies within 10 get +1 to Diplomacy.
Combat Leader
You, and allies within 10 that see and hear you, gain +2 to initiative.
Inspiring Presence
Ally that sees you and spends an action point for extra action regains lost hp: 1/2 your level + Cha mod.

Improved Inspiring Word
Add Cha modifier to inspiring word hp restored
Inspired Tactics
Ally gains +1 to attack rolls when spending action point

Acrobatics: 0
Arcana: 1
Athletics: 9
Bluff: 4
Diplomacy: 11
Dungeoneering: 0
Endurance: 1
Heal: 5
History: 1
Insight: 2
Intimidate: 9
Nature: 0
Perception: 0
Religion: 1
Stealth: 0
Streetwise: 6
Thievery: 0


Light Shield

Magic Items
Dragonfire Tar
Alchemist’s Frost
Potion of Healing

Adventurer’s Kit


Raised in an average Hyloneme town of Larmier, Hoerig’s elven mother and human father suggested quite a lineage in the arcane arts. Hoerig’s mother, Lenor, was claimed by some in Larmier to be the town’s best cook. Over time, she developed several cantrips and enchantments to improve the ease of which she worked in the kitchen. Hoerig’s father, Geoffery, was at first a business partner with Lenor, trying to influence the merchant guilds into incorparating Lenor’s arcane kitchen crafts into their routes.

Business lead to curiosity, as Geoffery was able to learn some arcane arts from Lenor. Curiosity lead to love, and Hoerig was born.

The merchant riches never came as huge as Lenor and Geoffery wished, and while they gave up the dream of wealth to settle down into a comfortable life in Larmier, raising Hoerig and running a small bakery where they tweaked their magical inventions. Hoerig seemed on the verge to pick up much skill from his parents.

None of it ever stuck with Hoerig.

He knew the concepts, the runes to inscribe, the words for the rituals, but he was more likely to channel the wrong flow of energy, or alter an inscription at just the wrong moment. Magic just never worked for him. The stories his dad would tell of adventurers, however, never failed to capture his attention. He practiced playing at a sword when no one would be looking, or under the guise of “There’s got to be some way to incorporate magic” into this.

He may not be a blade master, but it can’t be argued that when in a fight, he attacks as if he’s trying to prove something, either to himself or to someone in particular…


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