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  • Guecumar

    What once was a small town in the northeast of [[Sedna]] is little more than a sad ruin now. The city remains mostly structurally intact while most of the goods have been long since pillaged. The area is rich in magic, but lacking a fresh water source. …

  • Kore

    The Village on the Sedna/Haumea border where Shamgar, Tullie, Dash and Billywig fought Redra's nightmare and built a militia so that the town would not require the protective services of [[:keqir-qu-qatl|keQir Qu'Qatl]] The story of Redra's nightmare …

  • Arnis

    A fishing village in the Feywild where Hoerig, Grafton, Darnis and Thud defeated four dragons and won a lot of money in gambling.

  • Tarmek

    Another town in the Feywild that the PCs found while exploring. Here, they saved Nednis from his own stupidity dealing with the myconids and bought moonflowers from Nednis' neighbor Willys. An enchanter in town sold Darnis an enchanted hoe and claims …

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