Circle Tower

The Circle Tower, currently one of several bastions of Hyloneme's arcane "educational" program, is curiously enough a relic from before the Immortal War. It was originally constructed as a repository for wielders of the arcane arts and as a conduit for divine authority. It was at the Circle Tower where the various militant arms of the Syncrete League met and exerted their force over mages. Due to its long history of imbuement with divine energy, it managed to withstand the assults on it made during the Immortal War.


After the gods lied dead or imprisoned, Hyloneme sought to reclaim the Circle Tower. Unconsecrated and dehallowed, the facility became a twisted inversion of its former self. Bolstered with the might of Hyloneme's Council of the Learned, the Circle Tower was transformed into a monument in dedication to the arcane power which now ruled Zane.

 In addition to a reminder of the ascendency of the arcane over the divine, the Circle Tower serves as an indoctrination camp for users of the arcane arts. Instructed in the use of their  power and in the hatred of the divine, young mages spend the formative years of their lives under the jurisdiction of senior mages.

The Circle Tower is overseen by Senior Enchanter Georg Utfrysning. Utfrysning was once considered for membership on the Council of the Learned, but declined so he could retain his authority within the Tower. Lesser Enchanters provide instruction, while a paramilitia known as the Apostates provide security and harsh reminders of the falsity of the divine.

Circle Tower

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