Gaelen's Timeless Curse

Gaelan’s Timeless Curse is currently affecting the small village of Respite outside what once was a Redoran supply depot.

Near the beginning of the Immortal War, a dwarf community was involved with negotiating an alliance with some drow and other less savory folk from the Underdark. Both sides were god-fearing (though not necessarily the same gods)) and an alliance seemed mutually beneficial. Not all of the dwarves were behind this idea, though. A rift soon worked its way through the community, splitting the dwarves ideologically. Before tension grew into hostility, a dwarf named Gaelan proposed a solution. He had received a message from an unknown extraplanar entity who offered them safety and the knowledge that “nothing would ever have to change” if they so desired with seemingly no payment required. A group of 20 or so accepted this offer and immediately upon doing so, found themselves in the current location of Respite with Gaelan missing.

For these dwarves, time has stopped. They neither need to eat, drink or sleep, they do not age and they do not die. They also may not leave the village boundaries, merely teleporting to the other end of the town if they do. The weather is unchanging, crops grow abundantly and there’s nothing any of them can do to affect permanent change in their world. Though they do not technically live the same day over and over again, they might as well. There is only one exception. If someone who is not part of the village is killed and buried in the land, they resurrect as a dwarf within 48 hours. This is the only way to add new population to the village and though the dwarves find it reprehensible, the sheer boredom of their existence drives them to attempt it when possible. Dwarina is an example of one such incident.

By day, the dwarves produce food and supplies for [Redoran | House Redoran] and in return, get stories and information from the outside world that they could not get otherwise.

Gaelen's Timeless Curse

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