General Character Creation

Accepted Character Options

This game is open to material from 3rd party sources as well as official 13th Age material. The most recent version, playtest or otherwise, of such material is to be used. All material is subject to GM review upon being added to a character.

Character Building

Use the standard build at level 1, then update to level 2. Follow all other character creation rules except where listed below. This means that despite the banning of religion in the game world, divine characters are still allowable – just be sure you know what you’re getting into!

Free Starting Equipment

  1. a non-magical weapon or implement with which you are proficient
  2. a set of armor (with shield if applicable) with which you are proficient
  3. the Adventurer’s Kit

Character Advancement


Take an incremental advancement at the end of each session. Level up after every four sessions (per the current ruleset).

Magic Items and Coinage

Coin is only commonly used in Hyloneme and Chericlo. It is uncommon to rare in Sedna, Quaor and Haumea. Some mercantile exchanges are made in nuggets or chips, but for the most part mercantilism in these nations occurs by barter. This means that in these regions, characters should expect to find treasure in the form of art, gems, dry goods and consumables rather than gold or coin.

(Mechanical implications pending due to change of system)


Make sure the GM is aware of any retraining you’ve done between sessions. There are just too many fun toys to play with in the system, so some tweaks here and there are no big deal.

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General Character Creation

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