Haumea was once one of the five nation-states of the Realm of Zane, but it was destroyed in the Immortal War. It was a union of theocracies and thus the first nation actively overthrown after the Enlightenment. Most of its former states are in complete anarchy, particularly Wallachia.

Per Mircolis’ explanation: The reason Haumea became a theocracy alone among all the major nations was the area’s tendency to ‘leak’ back and forth across other planes. The barriers between the Feywild, Shadowfell, Astral Sea and other dimensions are all a bit weaker in Haumea so communication with the gods was easier and more productive. Additionally, the area had unique threats that were best handled by those wielding divine power – demons, undead and similar abominations that occurred “naturally” in the region. The temples divided up the land and protected it from these threats. With the Haumean government folded and the power of the gods eliminated, such horrors have been allowed to flourish in the area. The Circle Tower is one group among others who have taken up the call to purge Haumea of its uncleanliness. A noble house of Chericlo and a warlord of Quaor are similarly involved.

If one was looking for members of an astral race, Haumea would have been the place to find them prior to the Immortal War. Now the area is settled by whoever is brave enough to live there and defend themselves from the monstrous races to the south and east.

Places of Note

The Mushroom Henge


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