Immortal War


Around 85 B.E. (Before Enlightenment), almost 300 years prior to the present time, a shepherd boy in Sedna chased one of his wayward sheep into a cavern filled with pearlescent crystal formations. His family began to chip off and sell bits of these crystals as jewelry for a short time before some scholars of the Circle Tower identified incredible divine and arcane power stored within the crystals. Their conclusion was that the cavern was created from the preserved body of the dead god Asmor.

The discovery set off a firestorm debate across the land of Zane. Melora, Pelor and Sehanine quickly instructed their clergy that the cavern should be left as is in respect for Asmor’s legacy. Moradin, Ioun and Erathis, on the other hand, urged their clergy to help anyone interested in retrieving and utilizing the crystals for the betterment of mortals. The event would have probably remained a civilized debate were it not for the Night of Salvation, wherein a circle of Sehanine’s druids murdered a band of Ioun’s scholars investigating the cavern. This ignited the Immortal War.

Brief Summary

Once the Night of Salvation occurred, civil war broke out in all nations across Zane almost overnight. Haumea obviously suffered the worst since they relied on the gods directly for their government. The Council of the Learned in Hyloneme moved swiftly (and admittedly a little too happily) to eradicate all temples and clergy, securing their stability. Quaor was ruled at the time by a charismatic priest of Kord and after holding off domestic enemies, invited a defeated contingent of Moradin’s faithful from Haumea to join him. The remnants of Ioun’s and Erathis’ churches fled across Sedna to Chericlo, thus setting up a cross-continental war that ravaged Sedna, stuck in the middle.

The rift between the Good/Unaligned deities and terrific bloodshed across Zane attracted the attention of several Evil deities, particularly Bane and Orcus. Thousands upon thousands began to call on these gods to defeat their enemies, abandoning the faiths that had started the War in the first place. The turning point of the Immortal War happened when Hylonemian forces were hired by the Crown of Chericlo to begin a religious purge within their borders. With Chericlo and Hyloneme relatively stable, a final push across the ruins of Sedna into Haumea brought about the Enlightenment by force. A few zealots crossed the border into Quaor in an attempt to meet up with the battlepriest of Kord, but found him dead in his chambers and were forced to disappear into the mountains, where they may still be today.. if they survived.

Immortal War

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