Realm of Zane


The Five Nations

The realm of Zane is a continent; the only explored land in the Known World. Until about two hundred years ago, Zane consisted of five nation-states – Chericlo, Hyloneme, Sedna, Quaor, and Haumea. At that time the Immortal War ripped apart three of those nations, leaving only the hereditary monarchy of Chericlo and the arcane oligarchy of Hyloneme. Today, these two nations remain strong, having dealt well with the purge of divine influence. The remainder of the lands still struggle with regional differences, split authority and a general lack of unified direction in the absence of the gods.

Outside of the Five Nations

Outside of the Five Nations are countless tribes of orcs, kobolds, gnolls and who knows what other ‘monstrous’ or ‘uncivilized’ humanoids. These hordes have been held back by Hyloneme and Haumea, but with Haumea fallen, more and more are working their way into the civilized lands.


Other lands may exist, but that knowledge was lost or destroyed in the Immortal War. Certain long-lived races may also have such knowledge, but the libraries of these races are often contained within temples to racial deities and would be well-hidden if not destroyed at the current time.

Realm of Zane

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