Skill Challenges

Since rhere is no default 13th Age “skill challenge”, I have devised the follow mechanic. We’ll see how it goes.

For this system “skill challenge” is probably better defined as ‘non-combat scene resolution’ but whatever. The GM announces (or better – negotiates with the players) the stakes of the scene and then states a required DC to complete the challenge. Estimated DC values are as follows:

Moderate*: Level + 22 + κ
Hard: Level + 25 + κ
Crazy Hard: Level + 28 + κ

where κ is 2 x (number of characters in the party – 3). κ for a 5-member party is 4.

*(assumes a 15% initial chance [18+] for a solo character with 2 background and 2 ability mod)

If a character makes a skill check to attempt to beat a skill challenge and fails by less than 10, that character may remain in the challenge but must make some kind of sacrifice or concession lasting at least until the next full-heal (if not longer). Advance the escalation die by 1. If the check fails the challenge DC by more than 10, that character is out of the challenge.

A character may help another in the challenge by properly invoking a background. Help adds a +2 to the roll, but if the roll still fails by more than 10, both characters are out of the challenge.

For mathematical fixing purposes, characters add double the escalation die to their skill rolls during a skill challenge. A character may not make two identical skill checks (background/stat combination) simultaneously.

Depending on the situation, it may make more sense for a less-than-10 failure to instead grant a portion of the overall stakes. PCs may then choose at any point to end the challenge and accept the partial stakes or continue on for the whole enchilada.

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