Special Rules for Arcane Characters


Any character who is capable of performing rituals may prepare rituals during an extended rest to be completed as a standard action, much in the way magic worked in previous versions of D&D. The character must pay the component cost up front and be able to meet all other requirements of the ritual during the rest period in order to prepare it. This means that, for instance, Imprisonment would be impossible to prepare since the subject of the ritual must be present for the entire casting. If a ritual is not used by the next extended rest, it is lost.

Spell Flexibility

All characters who use gain multiple powers per level via spellbooks, the Tome of Readiness class feature (along with the improved/expanded versions of each) or the Aerenal Arcanist or Remembered Wizardry Feats may Retrain powers gained by the features during any short or extended rest. Players should be sure to keep track of what level Daily powers and utilities they have used if they take advantage of this change. DeviantNull’s Framework can be used to assist with this.

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Special Rules for Arcane Characters

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