Name: Reese
Class: Sorcerer
Race: High Elf
Level: 2

STR: 14 (2)
CON: 15 (2)
DEX: 12 (1)
INT: 9 + 2 (high elf) (0)
WIS: 15 (2)
CHA: 16 + 2 (sorc) (4)

Initiative: 7 (Level + Dex mod + [feat] 4)

AC: 14 (10 + Level + middle mod of Con(2)/Dex(1)/Wis(2))
Physical Defense: 15 (11+ Level + middle mod of Str(2)/Dex(1)/Con(2))
Mental Defense: 14 (10+ Level + middle mod of Int(0)/Wis(2)/Cha(4))

HP: 9 3 x (6+Con mod) (24)
Recovery Dice: 2d6+2 (1d6 per level + Con mod)
Recoveries: 8

Class Features:
-Spell Fist
*You can use a ranged spell while engaged without taking opportunity attacks.

  • Increase the sorcerer spell miss damage against foes you are engaged with by adding your Charisma modifier. At 5th level, add double your Charisma modifier, at 8th level, add triple your Charisma modifier.

-Fey Heritage
*When you cast a beneficial sorcerer spell that has only one target, roll a d3. You can affect that many nearby targets instead, counting yourself as one of the targets if you wish.

-Arcane Heritage
*Although sorcery is in your blood, you have a greater understanding of magic than most sorcerers and even some wizards.
*You gain a +2 bonus to a background that involves or suggests magical knowledge or talent.
*You can also use one of your Sorcerer spell choices to choose any Wizard spell of the same level. You get one such equal-level Wizard spell at a time; all others have to be purchased using the 2-level penalty outlined in Access to Wizardry above.

One Unique Thing:
-Left The HSC – nicknamed the Black Robes, the Hyloneme Security Council is a group responisble for the saftey of Hyloneme above all costs; the Black Ops of the Hyolmene Guard Corps. Before the War with the gods, few knew of their existance, and those that did were usually asked to join. Now, the public is aware of them but not much else. Reese knows that he left the HSC, but cannot remember the details of what he did, or why he asked to leave, due to powerful charms placed on him to ensure he didn’t leak sensitive information.

Icon Relationships: (3 points)

-Hyolmene Government (2 poitns conflicted)
-Circle Tower (1 point negative)
-Gligri the Gnome (1 point negative)

Backgrounds: (6 points)

Hyolmene Guard Corps 4 (2 + 2 from Arcane Heritage) (Int)
-Wanderer – 2 (Cha)
-Martial Artist – 1
-Psionic Accident – 1 (Int)

Long Term Motivation:
-Preserve and if possible increase the borders of Hyolmene, but not at extreme costs.


-(Spell Fist Adventurer Feat) Increase the sorcerer spell miss damage against foes you are engaged with by adding your Charisma modifier.
-(Burning Hands Adventurer Feat) If either of your attack rolls against the first two targets is 16+, choose a third nearby enemy as a target as well.
-(General)Improved Initiative: Gain a +4 bonus to Initiative checks.


-Dancing Light

-Gather Power
*Sorcerers can spend a standard action to gather magical power, preparing them for casting a double-strength spell with their next standard action. Gathering power is loud and flashy, involving cracking lightning, rumbling thunder, and the flicker of magical light.
*Gathering Power: Gathering power does not count as casting a spell; you can gather power without taking opportunity attacks, for example.
*Spending your standard action to gather power, you generate a small magical benefit. Like many of your powers, this benefit is chaotic rather than perfectly reliable, so it gets rolled randomly. Roll a d6 and consult the chart.

Chaotic Benefit, Adventurer Tier (levels 1-4)
1-2: You gain +1 AC until the start of your next turn.
3-4: Deal damage equal to your level to all bloodied enemies nearby.
5-6: Deal damage equal to your level to one nearby enemy.

-Burning Hands
Close-quarters spell
Targets: 2 nearby enemies in a group OR all enemies engaged with you.
Attack: 5 + PD (Charisma + Spell Level vs. PD)
Hit: 1d8 + 2 (Constitution fire damage
Miss: Damage equal to your level + any damage dice that roll 8’s + [feat] Cha mod (4)
Feat – If either of your attack rolls against the first two targets is 16+, choose a third nearby enemy as a target as well.

-Lightning Fist
Recharge 16+ after fight
Ranged spell
Chain Spell: Keep rolling attacks against new targets so long as your attack roll is naturally even
Targets: 1 nearby enemy at a time, chain
Attack: 5 + PD (Charisma + Spell Level vs. PD)
Hit: 3d6 + 2 (Constitution) Lightning damage
Miss: Half damage + [feat] Cha mod (4)

-Resist Energy
Ranged spell
Recharge 16+ after fight
Target: you or one of your nearby allies
Empowered bonus: Now affects twice as many targets
Target gains Resist 6+ to an energy type of your choice chosen from this list: cold, fire, lightning, thunder.

-Scorcing Ray
Ranged spell
Targets: one nearby or distant enemy
Attack: 5 + PD (Charisma + Spell Level vs. PD)
Hit: 1d6 + 2 (Constitution) fire damage, and if natural attack roll is even, 1d6 ongoing fire damage
Miss: Fire damage equal to your level + [feat] Cha mod (4)

-Breath of the Green
Close-quarters spell
Breath Weapon: For the rest of the battle, roll d20 at the start of each of your turns; 16+ means you can use breath of the green this turn if you wish.
Targets: 1d3 nearby enemies in a group
Attack: Charisma + Level vs. PD
Hit: 10 + Constitution ongoing poison damage
Miss: 5 ongoing poison damage.

Sorcerer Basic Melee Attack: Corps Dagger (or other weapon)
Attack: 4 (Strength + Level Modifier vs. AC)
Hit: 1d4
2 (WEAPON + Strength damage)
Miss: -

Sorcerer Basic Ranged Attack:
Attack: Dexterity + Level Modifier vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON + Dexterity damage
Miss: -



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